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This is an review written by our team from our personal experience for EGT Provider

egt provider

1st. I would like to tell you about slots / games that EGT provides

EGT provider have very nice slots, graphics sounds and JackPots but the main problem is that they setup too much for new users and it took so much money from the old users.

We have been playing EGT for a long time at many casinos like ( garbage of casino from Macedonia ) and in 5.000 eur deposit in last month we get Win Combinations in $0.10c to 20Eur which was bad situation and bad decision by our team but we risk it and we would like to test all the games and how providers works.

Basically could be that Set Up the Win combinations and JackPots but we can’t say that until we confirm that EGT PROVIDER don’t reply to our text by their official e-mail.

We was trying to contact Malta Gaming and other structures to explain us how is possible to we put 5000 Eur in Game and to don’t win even small jackpot of 20eur and to we have 500-1000 hands without Win.

Like we know and we are long time in this business we know that even the physical casino will give you back around 30% in game in winnings doesn’t meter if you withdraw or not.

Second thing that we saw is when you are new user to 2win or any casino that provides EGT interactive provider it gives you non stop Winnings and after it took all your money.

I don’t know if there is an legit way how you can win a price in a day when casino doesn’t give anything to anyone


3rd. EGT Interactive gives a 4 JackPots with winning cards the problem is in it rolls 4 names in 24 hours and only those names win the jackpot all the time ( Tricky Maybe because they only know how to play we don’t know ).

2WIN Macedonian Casino with EGT Interactive

4th. Very Important they makes problem with pickup / with maintain if you have a problem, when you roll let say on some slot it disconnects all the time and the money that you roll never give you back.

let say if you are bet is 0.50cents and it happens the connection to the server to goes down you just lost 0.50cents without to see if you win or loose but the bot / system knows upfront for you 🙂 .

We love to share something like video next time to show you guys how it works when you play for real cash on any casino that provides EGT Interactive provider.

Same thing happens with another provider but i will mention in another text.

egt provider


Their slots are Awesome , Sound awesome , Graphics Awesome

Winnings : One big garbage

Set Up situation: Worst than any other provider.

egt provider
EGT Provider

However i would like to say thanks to this guy because they loose the real gamblers and take new little players with 5-10 eur

For this what i have write over here i have proofs and i can make live stream if someone wants to see that will happen another time any online casino that supports EGT Interactive.

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